October 2017 Newsletter


Trust the specialists in blast-resistant modules

A major explosion or blast can occur without warning for a variety of reasons within Oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities. To protect your people and equipment you need a proven defence. At RedGuard Specialist Services we combine all the engineering behind the industry’s best successfully tested, blast-resistant modular buildings, with the virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar office building.

RedGuard Specialist Services is a leading rental modular buildings provider specialised in blast-resistant modules for the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. LeaseFleet is our rental fleet of blast-resistant modules ready for immediate deployment, with medium response rating of 10 PSI at 200 msec. These modules provide a quick and proven protection guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big. More

Our LeaseFleet standard range of blast-resistant modules available for sale and hire include modules of various sizes that serve various purposes, from refuge shelters and bunkers to office modules, laboratories, workshops and more. Offered in two widths and a variety of lengths, our modules can be configured to create virtually any structure you need:

  • 8ft wide blast-resistant modules: 8ft x 10ft Guard Shack, 8ft x 20ft Open Floor, 8ft x 40ft Open Floor, and 8ft x 40ft Tool Crib
  • 12ft wide blast-resistant modules: 12ft x 40ft Open Floor, 12ft x 40ft One and Two Walls, 12ft x 40ft One Wall Restroom, 12ft x 40ft Restroom, 12ft x 40ft Multi-Section, and 12ft x 40ft Centre Section

If you need to go even bigger, we can bring together two or more 12ft x 40ft multi-section end pieces with multiple centre sections in-between to create a structure as big as your site can handle.

SafetySuite is our premier line of customised blast-resistant modular buildings that can provide you with the proven peace of mind and uncompromised comfort, with a durable and reliable environment. We provide bespoke design solutions for blast-resistant modules based on your specifications and requirements. Having in-house engineering and manufacturing capability, we can work with you to ensure that the project specific requirements are satisfied. More



All RedGuard Specialist Services blast-resistant modules adhere to API RP 752 / 753 and apply a proven, successfully blast tested design.

All of our modules meet the criteria for a low or medium response rating (low or medium damage) by the American Society of Civil Engineers to provide proven protection and increase peace of mind.



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