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CoverSix are the ultimate solution to keep personnel, equipment and electronics safe and secure, providing government, refineries, industrial security and military customers with a wide variety of structures for protection and security at any threat level.

At RedGuard Specialist Services, we have the utmost respect for those that keep us and our families safe by putting themselves in harm’s way, so to honour them – and do our small part to keep them safe – we created CoverSix.

We are focused on being the world leader in providing safe, customisable and scalable modular space to meet the varying needs of the brave men and women in the military and security field around the globe by providing hardened and robust facilities to meet mission-specific requirements. Driven by our dedication to innovation, we stand alone in delivering turnkey solutions that raise the bar for personalisation and protection.

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CoverSix - Access Control Points

Access Control Points & Security Facilities

CoverSix designs and manufactures custom security facilities, from visitor control centers, guard shacks, and control rooms, to access control points, entry control points, or security offices, and more. Our buildings provide protection by being hardened against blast, ballistics, and forced entry, while providing a functional space to perform security operations.

CoverSix - Ammunition and Explosive Storage

Ammunition & Explosive Storage Magazines

We offer Type 2 explosive and ammunition storage magazines and armories. Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of ATF and the DoD specifications, each unit is built-to-order using high quality steel components in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility to ensure the highest quality for safety and performance.

CoverSix - Design-Build Modular

Design/Build Modular Construction

Design/Build modular construction performs well from a scheduling and cost standpoint. Customisable structures are perfect for sites that call for protection from ballistic threats, blasts or natural disasters, such as range facilities, command centres, emergency management facilities, data centres, storm shelters, medical facilities, barracks and more.

CoverSix - Embassy Building

Embassy & Consulate Buildings

As a leading provider of modular and temporary structures at embassies and consulate facilities around the world, we can design and build facilities to meet your specialised diplomatic mission requirements. These hardened structures range from Hardened Alternative Trailer Systems (HATS), Compound Access Control (CAC) Facilities, and Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant (FEBR) Facilities, to Containerized Housing Units (CHUs), Mail Screening Facilities, and Compound Emergency Sanctuaries (CES), among others.

CoverSix - Modular Shooting Ranges

Modular Shooting Ranges

Teaming up with Action Target, we have introduced the Arcas Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR). These rapidly deployable and purpose-built modular shooting ranges include the latest technology in targetry systems. Available in three configurations, the Arcas series delivers a shooting range experience you will not find anywhere else in a modular range.

CoverSix - Modular Training Facilities

Modular Training Facilities

CoverSix offers the ultimate solution for training and preparing warfighters and first responders for their missions. Our Modular Training Facilities include various training structures and equipment, including live-fire shooting ranges, viewing bunkers, close quarters combat facilities, skill houses, and Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities.


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Access Control Points and Security Facilities
Embassy and Consulate Buildings
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