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Quality and Safety

At Sendan – RedGuard Specialist Services, investment in quality, health and safety is an essential element of our business strategy.

Quality products

Top-quality products and services are the cornerstone of our business. Our philosophy for quality management is based on the belief that we will be able to grow only if we consistently meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quality, safety, delivery and reliability.

We continuously strive to improve the competencies of people, quality of our material and our processes to assure the quality of the end product meets or exceeds our customer requirements. Each job is executed with a keen attention to detail and unmatched professionalism.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance process requires us to work in accordance to approved specifications, procedures and practices, monitor their implementation, measure performances at planned intervals and make suitable changes to the processes in order to enable continuous improvement of the quality of products and services we deliver. The responsibility for achieving a high quality of our products and services is clearly defined and resources are systematically planned and provided.

We refine our strategies to control non-conforming products and activities through a well-developed corrective and preventive action process based on systematic root cause investigation. We ensure that the quality of services and products of our suppliers are systematically managed through our vendor quality assurance process.

We ensure that no compromise is made on the integrity of test results while reporting performance related to the quality of our products and services. We believe in working proactively with all people, customers, suppliers and third parties while promoting teamwork at all levels within the company.

Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to ensure health and safetyof our people, contractors and others stakeholders. Health and safety initiatives are undertaken to comply with governmental and industry regulations and to establish their own high standards. We integrate our health and safety management system into our business decisions, plans and operations.

Our philosophy is based on the principle that all incidents can be prevented and a systematic work plan can help us achieve an incident-free work environment. We supply products and services in a safe and sustainable manner because we firmly believe that this is the right way to do business.