Meeting the highest quality and safety standards

National and International Certification

Operations in hazardous areas carry a set of challenges and risks. Although international health and safety standards and regulations are stringent, there is always a risk of an explosion or fire in critical process areas. Where there is a risk of accidental explosions you need modular buildings of the highest quality to rely on for protecting your people, equipment and operations.

Engineered to our industry-leading safety specifications, each of our blast-resistant modules adheres to API RP 752 and 753 guidelines and applies a proven, successfully blast tested design. In addition, RedGuard Specialist Services will only build to a low or medium response rating (low or medium damage), as specified by the American Society of Civil Engineers to provide proven protection and increased peace of mind.

We also hold national and international certification which verify that our products and services meet the highest quality and safety standards. Custom made units with designs specific to your requirements can also be certified by any of the major Third Party Surveyors – DNV, Lloyd’s, USCG, ABS, BV, Genesis Oil and Gas, or others.